Renting a Car with Bad Credit – What are my options?

When renting a car with bad credit, you have several different obstacles that prevent you from having a seamless transaction and walking right out the door.  Some companies will allow you to rent with no credit check as long as you have your credit card,  and others will credit check you regardless.

Renting a Car with Bad Credit and using a debit card can be even trickier because they they will almost always charge a hold on your debit card (and lets be real we probably don’t have 500$ as a hold while we rent the car), and others will credit check you just for using your debit card.

The car rental companies will always favor having the credit card and making the reservation with that.  Some people don’t have that option though.  Some people choose to go through life with out getting a credit card or having horrible credit and it is very annoying.

Current Policy by Rental Agency


Cash: Yes (Limited)
Debit Card: Yes (Limited)

This will vary from Location to Location, but even the locations that allow Cash or Debit card will ask for utility bills, pay-stubs, and put you through a lengthy process at the counter.   Not convenient if you get dropped off there to find out the extra details!  It also isn’t something you want to happen and hold up the line over credit issues.

Cash Auto Rental is simple with Yaran Cash Auto Rental service on Clairemont Drive,  allowing you to pay cash daily for your car and a small cash security deposit.  We try and make it easy for people who have trouble with their credit because the world doesn’t make things like renting a car easy.

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